Free and Reduced Lunch Information

  • Beginning July 1st of every year, BUT not before July 1st, you must still fill out and submit an application if you are interested in the Free & Reduced-Price School Meals Program benefits like waived fees on certain activities (see the ones listed below under Sharing Information). Families are required to complete a new meal application for every new school year unless you have received written notification from us telling you that your child is approved through Direct Certification for the new school year.  However,if your child is directly certified by the state, you still must file a sharing form with your preference clearly marked "yes" or "no".  Only one Free & Reduced-Price School Meals application is required per family. Applications submitted online may take up to 48 hours to process. Paper applications may take up to 10 days to process. Determination of your  application will be either emailed or mailed. Please contact our office if you haven’t heard from us.

    6 Reasons for Completing a Free/Reduced Meal Application

    Free and Reduced Lunch Form (Online Version)  Be sure to use the "Apply for Benefits" tab when filing an application.

    Free and Reduced Lunch Form (Print Version).   

    Sharing Information  If you have filled out a Free & Reduced Meal Program Application and qualify for free or reduced priced meals and would like to waive Education Testing & Scholarship, to be considered for the Backpack Program and/or help from Charitable Organizations; complete the attached form and send it to either the Nutrition Office or your school office.