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District Testimonials

  • The Whitmire Family

    The Whitmire Family

    We absolutely LOVE Longacre! The teachers, staff, and parent volunteers are truly incredible! Every experience we have had at the school has been positive and the staff always go the extra mile in meeting the needs of students and praising them for their accomplishments. The family atmosphere at the school gives you the...(Click name to read more.)

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  • The Ball Family

    The Ball Family

    We have been part of the Longacre family since 2012. After researching multiple schools in the area our school of choice was Longacre hands-down. The initial draw to the school was the friendly atmosphere felt from the staff. We have been blessed with three boys, two of which currently attend Longacre. Our oldest child has been in accelerated math while our middle son...(Click name to read more.)

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  • The Richmond Family

    The Richmond Family

    We moved to West Bloomfield from out of state in 2013. When we were choosing our home to purchase, the school our kids would attend became our single biggest deciding factor. I fell in love with Wood Creek the day I came to register my three children! ...(Click name to read more.)

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  • Donald Walker

    Donald Walker

    I could not be happier with the beginning of my daughter's educational journey at Gill. We were blessed with a phenomenal teacher who performed a home visit to get to know us and our daughter. This laid the foundation for a comfortable start. The leadership and staff at Gill was always...(Click name to read more.)

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  • The Recinto Family

    The Recinto Family

    We love the intimate feel of Forest Elementary, where our children are thriving, both academically and socially. We’ve been impressed with the teachers and staff, who are creative and professional. They continually challenge students with the excitement and passion they bring to the classroom daily, encouraging...(Click name to read more.)

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  • The Kovar Family

    The Kovar Family

    Every child deserves an excellent education and Visions Unlimited is proof of the commitment the Farmington Public Schools has to deliver an exceptional education to every child no matter what their particular needs are. Our daughter Miranda is in her third year...(Click name to read more.)

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  • The Webster Family

    The Webster Family

    Our son, Kyle, has been a student in the Farmington Public School System since 1999. He began school at the age of three at Fairview Early Childhood Center shortly after being diagnosed with autism. We quickly found out how thorough FPS’ Special Education program is. There have been...(Click name to read more.)

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  • The Cho Family

    The Cho Family

    For the last 6 years, our kids have been attending Gill Elementary. We have been very lucky to have our children at such a wonderful, caring school with great teachers and staff to aid their academic and social development. Thus,...(Click name to read more.)

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  • The Width Family

    The Width Family

    Our family has been a part of the FPS district since 2008 when my oldest son started at Beechview Elementary School. He is now at Farmington High School, and my youngest son is at East Middle School. We have been extremely happy with our experiences at all of the FPS schools we’ve...(Click name to read more.)

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  • The Cobb Family

    The Cobb Family

    My name is Brandye Cobb. I grew up in the Farmington District. When I had my 4 kids, I knew I wanted them here. Our time at Kenbrook Elementary has been great. The principals, teachers, and staff have always cared for my children's education and...(Click name to read more.)

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  • The Atwater Family

    The Atwater Family

    We’ve got two children in the Farmington Public School District; Power Middle and Longacre Elementary. The culture and environment at both schools assures us that our children are getting a high quality education. The teachers and staff at both schools truly care about every single one of their students and are setting...(Click name to read more.)

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  • The Hassell Family

    The Hassell Family

    We moved into Farmington Hills seven years ago in the middle of my son's second-grade year. I was nervous but the transition was seamless thanks to the community and fantastic staff at Wood Creek. Through both of our children, we have attended five FPS schools and I am consistently impressed with the quality of the teachers, the care that is shown by the principals and the numerous opportunities...(Click name to read more.)

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  • The Obi Family

    The Obi Family

    My family and I were very excited when our child was accepted into the Farmington Community School (FCS). We received a visit from both of his teachers before school started. This was great because our child got to familiarize himself with his teachers and vice versa. Having the ability to ask his teachers questions before school started helped to lessen first day of school jitters. The atmosphere at the school is...(Click name to read more.)

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  • The Salwi Family

    The Salwi Family

    Gill Elementary and the Farmington school district has gone above and beyond on our expectations as a great place for learning and education! My oldest daughter is currently at Farmington High School and my youngest daughter is at Gill Elementary School. The principal, teachers,...(Click name to read more.)

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  • The Nelson Family

    The Nelson Family

    Several years ago, we chose to begin driving our 3 kids to Beechview Elementary School as part of the School of Choice program instead of using the school in our district. That turned out to be one of the best decisions we have ever made for our children. Our kids flourished under the leadership and care of Beechview's staff, and...(Click below to read more.)

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  • The Burns-Pavlik Family

    The Burns-Pavlik Family

    Harrison is not our home school and when we chose to send our daughter, Rosie, there two years ago for the International Baccalaureate (IB) Programme, the timeline for closing the school had not yet been determined and we told ourselves we were not going to get attached to Harrison. Suffice it to say,...(Click name to read more.)

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  • Amy Martin

    Amy Martin

    "Our family's experience with Farmington/Farmington Hills Public Schools has exceeded our expectations. Every experience we have had with our daughter's school has been positive. The staff goes above and beyond and the district in general really works together as a community to put the children first."

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  • The Tappler Family

    The Tappler Family

    “After we moved to the US, our girls started their first school-year in the US at the Beechview Elementary School (K & 3rd). The first time was challenging for them due to the language barrier but thanks to the multicultural program which addresses the additional needs for students from abroad, they quickly felt welcomed and integrated. They have gotten...(Click name to read more.)

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  • The Shea Family

    The Shea Family

    “My husband and I are both graduates of Farmington High School and are so happy to be raising our two boys in the district! Longacre provides a caring and stimulating environment for our boys to learn. We feel so blessed that they are at a "Leader in Me School." The power of Leader in Me has extended beyond the classroom and...(Click name to read more.)

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  • Heather Pope

    Heather Pope

    "Our family has spent nearly 14 wonderful years in schools throughout the FPS district ranging from early intervention programs on up to the middle school level. We currently have two children in the district. Our oldest has been attending special education programs/classes since he was just six months of age. He will be starting...(Click name to read more.)

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