Board Community Dialogue - October 3, 2023

  • Board of Education Community Dialogue - Budget Priorities- flyer

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    Board and Community Dialogue

    October 3, 2023


    The Allocation of District Funds



    Over the last decade or so, public school districts have had to make cuts to programming.  What might you like to see reinstated, if possible?


    To the extent that you are aware of our district initiatives or others, what academic enhancements might you like to see, if possible? 


    When you consider Athletics or Fine Arts programming, what enhancements might you like to see to FPS programs, if possible?

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    Question 1: Reinstated

    Music Program

    Spanish - Foreign Language at elementary schools


    Math literacy

    Education Reputation (from 1975)

    The Basic Skills for Students

    Athletics - Intermural opportunities


    Question 2: Academic Enhancements

    Opportunities like Hackbots (during the school day)

    Expansion of Languages

    Affordable Opportunities for All

    Focus on family - parental involvement

    Focus on the real needs of the students

    Smaller classroom sizes


    Question 3: Athletic/Fine Arts Enhancement

    Music Studio (Digital Music) Lab/Studio

    Make sure we provide the Basics First

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    Steam - ALL Schools - Incongruity

    Curriculum Available at All Schools - Incongruity

    Foreign Language - Incongruity

    Advanced Math Placement


    2-Academic Enhancements

    Nutrition/Food Choices

    Students should be able to move as fast as they can

    Concerns of all “honors” classes

    IB Middle Years Program

    Additional in-school tutoring

    Cohorts to build community

    Structured Interventions in K-5

    Grade 6 through 12, inter-cohort tutoring and peer-building

    Continued Teaming

    3-Athletics or Fine Arts Enhancements

    Athletics being an auxiliary budget and not out of the school budget

    Eliminate Extracurricular Fees (eliminating Pay to Play - Good START

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    Find a way to help identify each student's strengths to help them find a career path that fits their strengths and interests. 

    Explore options for giving high school credit for work/apprenticeship experiences.


    Set up arrangements for these folks (content and skill experts), such as ex-military and retirees, to earn a teaching certification while teaching plus mentor teacher/assistant.


    Find ways to leverage retirees and ex-military to help teach trade skills/different pay scales.  Extern-ship?


    Partner with unions to “marry“ “people who know how to do these things with certified teachers.


    Middle School/High School, Bring Back:

    • shop classes
    • home economics
    • etc.
    • culinary arts.

    Personal finance in middle and high schools. Students are asking for these.


    Bring Back More Electives:

    • auto shop
    • carpentry
    • EMT
    • electrical
    • HVAC
    • construction
    • plumbing
    • graphic design

    Students are asking for these.