Parking Regulations

  • Parking Regulations

    1. All students who park at the high school must have a current Parking Permit.
    2. Permits will only be issued to students with a valid driver's license and vehicle registration.
    3. Permits must be hung on the rearview mirror or visable on the dash.
    4. Maximum speed is 10mph.
    5. If a behicle is added throughout the year, it must be registered through the Main Office.
    6. Unregistered vehicles will result in the following:
      • 1st Offense = Stickered / Reported
      • 2nd Offense or more = Parking Citation issued by Farmington Public Safety
    7. A parking pass does not guarantee the safety of the car or its contents.  Please lock your vehicle and do not leave valuables in the vehicle.
    8. When parking, stay within the white parking lines and utilize only one space.
    9. Students must check out through the Attendance Office before leaving the parking lot during the school day for any reason.
    10. No sitting in cars once parking or visiting cars during the school days without adminstrator approval to get forgotten items, such as books, lunch and homework.
    11. All vehicles are subject to search by administration if necessary.
    12. No driving/parking in the bus loop and staff parking areas before/after school.  Violation will result in immediate action.