• Do you find social media to be a benefit or a hindrance/danger for teens? 


    • How would you compare your personal usage of cell phone/social media to that of your teen? 


    • Should we ban cell phones at school?  Should they be banned at your workplace? 


    • If comfortable sharing, how do you deal with cell phones/social media with your own children?  Supervised?  Unsupervised?  Limits?  Tracking?  Shared passwords?

    Every student needs a positive relationship with someone.


    It can be informational.


    Feel that some information on social media is not accurate.


    Ban cell phones?


     Enforce phone policy in the classroom.


    Benefit or Hindrance? 



    • Interact with others

    • Availability of information

    Social media is both a benefit and a hindrance/danger. 

    • Maybe the negatives outweigh the positives

    • Enables kids to NOT engage with people


    Kids “live what they see”

    Adults are more capable to self-regulate


     There needs to be a policy regarding cell phones (consequences)

    Social media is both a Benefit and a Danger. 

    Adults use social less than teens. 


    • Needs guides in use. (What does that look like) someone to help 

    • Both/and Benefit/Danger

    • Phones should have a time and place

    • Convenience versus distraction on the high school level

    Social Media - Benefit or Hinderance? 


    + Way for Kids to connect

    + Research/information

    - Mistakes not allowed

    - Somehow, comments turn negative


    Should phones be banned in School or Work?

    - NO - too difficult

    - Set expectations for responsible use

    Digital media and devices are NOT going away; we ought to show our kids how to safely and healthily use these tools.


    Why isn’t MENTAL HEALTH and how to maintain it taught as a subject and skill set starting in elementary grades?



    • charity drives 

    • access to information

    • reminders of events/mass notification

    • social justice causes/involvement.


    Restrictions of COVID FORCED many to depend upon electronic communication.


    • being present

    • being mindful

    • “super-time”

    • quality time versus quantity of time


    As parents/teachers, are we being hypocritical?  

    Are we on our devices all the time even though we tell our kids to limit their use?


    Social media provides new opportunities for connection … BUT, what is the

    QUALITY of these friendships?