Learner Profile

  • Students will exhibit these characteristics:


    • Acquires in-depth knowledge and develops understanding across a wide variety and balanced range of disciplines
    • Applies own knowledge thoughtfully to real-life challenges and experiences
    • Draws on own knowledge to construct meaning in multiple situations

    Knowledgeable thinkers build a bank of powerful ideas from various disciplines and use these ideas to construct meaning and apply this knowledge across life experiences.

    Resourceful Problem Solver

    • Thinks critically and creatively
    • Uses multiple resources
    • Takes risks, utilizes inquiry and explores probable outcomes

    A resourceful problem solver thinks both critically and creatively as they explore and evaluate possible solutions.


    • Demonstrates proficiency in various forms of expression and communication
    • Listens while seeking understanding
    • Adapts communication forms to align with purpose
    • Asks questions and seeks clarification

    Uses and adapts multiple forms of expression, as well as communication strategies, to clearly and effectively communicate with others, considering multiple perspectives.

    Interdependent Team Member

    • Works independently and collaboratively as a productive individual
    • Responds to diverse viewpoints with an open-mind, sensitivity and understanding
    • Contributes and supports the efforts of a team (family unit, work-place teams, social groups) working toward a common goal

    Functions interdependently and responsibly as a productive team member to achieve common goals. An interdependent team member recognizes and demonstrates both the rights and responsibilities of all team members.

    Lifelong Learner

    • Sets high, attainable, achievable goals
    • Consistently open-minded , curious , flexible and  resourceful in adapting to learning experiences
    • Continuously reflects on own learning and experiences to assess and understand individual strengths and challenges in support of learning and self- development
    • Uses evolving technologies
    • Actively enjoys learning

    Life long learners are reflective, internally motivated , flexible and adaptive to sustain learning across the span of a lifetime.

    Global Citizen

    • Upholds democratic values
    • Demonstrates caring and respect for the dignity and well being of  others throughout the world
    • Safe guards the environment
    • Forms ethical decisions
    • Participates and volunteers

    Demonstrate the civic responsibilities of integrity, honesty, fairness, justice and respect for the dignity and understanding of individuals, groups, communities and the world.

    Healthy Individual

    • Recognizes and commits to a balance among intellectual, emotional and physical well being
    • Forms caring relationships
    • Adapts effectively to life changes

    Effectively adapts to change maintaining a balanced life-style.

    Culturally Competent

    • Recognizes their own cultural background and how it influences their lives
    • Recognizes that culture influences people differently
    • Accepts and appreciates the fact that people have different world views and perspectives
    • Shows empathy, compassion and respect towards others

    As we become an increasingly diverse society and as the world continues to change, it is important to become culturally competent to effectively live and collaborate with people of different racial , cultural and ethnic backgrounds.