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  • Operation Common Good - For kids by kids 

    Operation Common good was established in 2004 to ensure that ALL students in our schools receive the experiences that their classmates get to participate in and that they deserve. The students and families helped by OCG are working with limited resources or dealing with poverty and/or homelessness. In addition to the burden of poverty, these students are dealing with the added challenge of having classmates from much more affluent households. As our community deals with job losses and a changing economy, OCG works to ensure that ALL of our children thrive in Farmington Public Schools. Gifts from our “Kids Helping Kids” fundraisers and supporters like you enable OCG to do that work.

    OPERATION COMMON GOOD Mission Statement

    We hope to engage our students, teachers and the community to provide an equitable educational experience for all students attending Farmington Public Schools. Every child deserves the Farmington experience, regardless of their socioeconomic status.

    Kids Helping Kids

    Operation Common Good’s Goals:

    Goal 1. All students participate in field trips/enrichment/ special events.

    Goal 2. Equitable Educational Experience in FPS

    Goal 3. Farmington families in crisis receive support for basic needs

    We want to ensure all FPS students have the funds to participate in field trips/activities. Every child should have what they need to pursue a successful educational experience. A family's socioeconomic status will not be a barrier to a child’s success.

    Giving Boxes

    Farmington Public School's Giving Boxes are located all over the district. The FPS Hack Bots Team has built 9 boxes and erected them to be easily accessible to our community.

    Operation Common Good exists to ensure that ALL FPS students have similar experiences and that their needs are met. OCG has expanded the reach of our Giving Boxes. These are places where some items of basic need are made available to our families. Giving boxes are located at Power Middle School, Lanigan Elementary, Longacre Elementary, Wood Creek Elementary, Kenbrook Elementary, Beechview Elementary, Farmington High School, STEAM, and Maxfield Education Center (formerly 10 Mile Building).

    Who funds OCG: OCG receives no district or state funding. All of the resources used to support student needs are from student fundraising and amazing community support. The organization is managed by the FPS Community Support Services Department while supported by the Farmington Youth Assistance.

    FPS Community Support Services Department manages OCG operations. OCG is still powered by student volunteers and ideas. OCG ensures that ALL children in FPS receive similar experiences – this means access to field trips, enrichment, and special events. While OCG can’t fund everything, it can often help bridge the gaps that exist. OCG is a JUDGEMENT-free organization. Support is given without bias as needs arise.

    To receive OCG support for one of your students, contact Operation Common Good at ocg@fpsk12.net

    Become an OCG Partner Today!

    To DONATE send your check made out to Operation Common Good to FPS CSS Department Maxfield Education Center 32789 W 10 Mile Rd, Farmington, MI 48336 or contact ocg@fpsk12.net

    Operation Common Good Application 

    Farmington Public Schools MEC Building

    32789 W 10 Mile Road, Suite 10-B

    Farmington, MI 48336

    Phone: (248) 489-2620