Summer School Information

  • 2023 Summer School Information  

    For Farmington Public Schools students, grades will be automatically sent to the student’s home high school, and grades will be viewable in Parent Portal / MISTAR Student Connection approximately on Monday, August 14th.   For out of district students, transcripts will be mailed to the student’s home high school.

    Middle & High School Summer Supervisor

    Michelle Raphael 

    Looking for high school transcripts or grades information? Please call 248.489.3827 and ask for the Farmington Community School secretaries, Brenda Miller or Kalie Graca.

    Elementary Summer Supervisor

    Madison Darr, 

    2024 Summer School Information  

    Full course offerings and registration information, including elementary, middle, and high school programs, are NOT yet available for Summer School 2024.  Please watch for Farmington Public Schools district emails in April 2024 for more information.  


    High School Virtual Summer School

    For planning purposes, incoming 9th grade students and 10-12th grade students are able to register for the following *new* credit summer courses:

    Lifetime Fitness (Physical Education), Health, Civics, Economics


    For students needing *repeat* high school credit, the following courses are available for summer 2023:

    Algebra 1A /B, Algebra 2 A/B

    Geometry A/B

    English Literature 9, 10, 11, 12 A/B

    Biology A/B, Chemistry A/B, Conceptual Science A/B

    World History A/B, US History A/B

    Additional repeat credit courses will be available upon request, please see the Edgenuity Full Course List.

    Wondering about retaking an honors class? Please see the FPS Summer Honors Class Guidance.


    Elementary and Middle School offerings will be announced approximately April 2024. 

    This page will be updated when registration and more information is available.  If this page is not updated, then additional information is not yet available.  Please watch for Farmington Public Schools district emails in April 2024 for more information.  


    Other questions? Please call the summer school main line at 248.489.3827

    Kurtis Lovio

    District Summer School Supervisor

Summer School Information