Class Room 23

  • Lara Ligerakis, Lisa Dunn, and Sue Sundaram


    Lara Ligerakis 

    My name is Lara Ligerakis. After graduating from Wayne State University, I started my teaching career at Cloverdale School in Farmington Public Schools. While teaching, I earned my Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education. In January 2010, I joined the Early Childhood department to teach Early Childhood Special Education. I love working with young children and watching them discover things for the first time!  When I am not teaching, I love spending time with my family and traveling.


    My Name is Sue Sundaram.  I work as a special education paraprofessional in room 11.  I have worked in Early Childhood and elementary schools since 2013.  I have a masters in social work and a B.S. in business administration.  I live in Farmington Hills with my family.  I like to travel, play tennis, and listen to music.  I am very excited to be a part of FCS and have the opportunity to work with your child.