General Transportation Information

  • Parents are encouraged to review bus safety rules with their children.

    Waiting for the bus:

    • stay a safe distance from the roadway
    • no pushing or horseplay
    • when the bus arrives, stay away from the wheels

    Crossing in front of the bus:

    • stop at the edge of the bus
    • look right and left
    • look at the driver for a signal to cross
    • keep watching for traffic as you walk

    Drivers must obey traffic laws pertaining to school busses.

    • When overhead yellow or overhead red lights are flashing on a moving bus, prepare to stop.
    • When overhead red lights are flashing on a stopped bus, vehicles must stop no closer than 20 feet away from the bus.
    • When only hazard lights are flashing on a bus, you may proceed with caution.

    Why students are asked to be at the Bus Stop 10 minutes before the scheduled bus arrival time -- An important bus transportation procedure asks students to be at their designated bus stops 10 minutes before the scheduled arrival of the bus. This is because the bus could arrive up to 10 minutes early on some days. Students who are at the stop before the bus arrives and not waiting in cars, or running across the street won't risk falling, or worse yet getting hit by a car. Weather conditions may affect the bus time schedule in the morning or afternoon. However, please be assured that the bus will always come. Never will a stop be canceled because the bus is late.

    The District understands that it may be raining some mornings and that winter mornings can be very cold. Please furnish your child with an umbrella and warm clothes so they can safely wait at their bus stop. In addition, a student who arrives at the bus stop after the bus door has closed cannot be allowed to board the bus. Michigan law requires a school bus driver to activate the warning lights of the bus at least 200 feet before the bus stop. This is not possible once the doors have been closed.

    If your student misses the bus, they will need to be driven to school. It is not permitted to take them to another bus stop. This, too, is very dangerous, causing students to run to the bus stop at the last minute with a bus driver not expecting an unscheduled student.

    Parents waiting at or near the bus stop to ensure student safety at the stop are very much welcome and appreciated. But, please put your child's safety ahead of comfort and have them waiting at the stop, not arriving at the stop, ready to board when the bus arrives. If you have any questions, please contact the transportation office at 248.489.3700.