Key Components

  • Digital Classrooms: Digital learning environments provide communication and access to learning experiences. For most K-12 classrooms, this is Google Classroom and/or Clever. Additional apps and tools are used to support content delivery and student interactions.

    Essential Standards: This Plan moves learning forward with new content. Each grade level and course focus instruction on identified essential standards. Essential Standards are key “stepping stone standards” for the next grade level or course.

    Instructional Design: Lessons are designed to connect students with the concepts and skills of each content area. There are two types of learning tasks within the plan:

    • CORE tasks support the Essential Standards and are a priority to engage in.
    • EXTENSION tasks support reinforcement and enrichment for individualized learning.

    Weekly lesson design integrates both real-time and non-real time tasks, as well as online and offline tasks.

    Teacher-Student Connections: Teachers and students make periodic connections using a variety of methods to engage in learning together and to continue to build relationships. All members of the learning community participate in ways that honor classroom norms, the design of the learning experiences, and their role in the learning community.

    Monitoring Learning and Engagement: Students are provided opportunities to show their engagement and learning. Student learning and participation is monitored weekly for the purpose of supporting student growth. Monitoring is for the purpose of encouragement and moving the learning forward.

    Social-Emotional Support: All members of the learning community are safe. Members respect and support each other’s self-care and well-being.

    Supports: Supports for Special Education, 504, and English Learners (EL) are embedded throughout the Plan. IEPs and 504 plans are honored within the CLP. All special education staff will demonstrate a good faith effort to meet the individualized goals and objectives of students to the best of their ability under the current circumstances. 

    When students are participating in live sessions, parental/guardian consent is automatically given for photographic images or recordings to be created and retained by FPS.