Scheduling Classes


    Student Course Guide 



    • All requests for schedule changes are due by the third day of the semester

      Requests for schedule changes are for the following reasons:

      • The student has an incomplete schedule
      • The student has a failure from the previous semester in a prerequisite course (based on availability).
      • The student completed a course previously that is on the schedule (repeat)
      • Student has both terms of a class in the same semester (A and B).
      • Classes are out of sequence.
      • Seniors missing a graduation requirement.
      • Student did not request the course or select it as an alternate.

      If you meet the above criteria, PRINT out the form listed below, indicate your name and grade, check the bullet point that applies to you and explain what needs to be changed. Place the form in your counselor’s mailbox.  

      If you do not meet these criteria, you must still complete the Schedule Change Request Form, but must ALSO include a letter explaining the reason you believe a change is needed.  This letter should be addressed to Mr. Shelton, Principal of Farmington High School.  Place the form and letter in  your counselor's mailbox.  Your counselor will email you to let you know whether or not a change is possible.


      Schedule Change Request Form

      Grading Policy


      Class of 2011 and beyond:

      Students have the opportunity to earn a total of 30 credits.  If a student should fail a class, he/she is encouraged to make up that credit.

      On occasion, a student fails multiple classes.  If they should fail four courses (two credits), their graduation from Farmington High School is very much in jeopardy.  The Farmington District allows a student to earn up to four credits through classes outside the district.  This includes accredited virtual learning programs, summer school at other districts, and correspondence classes. All outside credits to be used for make up credit must have prior approval from the student’s counselor. Students have four years of traditional public high school, after that time and they have not received their diploma by August 31st of their last year of high school, they will need to contact Farmington Central High School (248.489.3333) about a graduation plan.


      Education Development Plan using Career Cruising