Grading Practices (Standards Based Grading)

  • Grading Practices Updates

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    Members Of The Committee

    The standards-based grading committee is made up of teachers, support staff, and administrators. Additional stakeholders may be consulted as plans are designed for future implementation.

    The Charge

    The charge of the Standards-Based Grading Committee is taken directly from one of the improvement priorities found in the AdvancEd report completed in March of 2016.

    • Improvement Priority: Document, implement, and evaluate a system-wide expectation for a collaborative structure that includes alignment of the curriculum with identified essential learning targets as well as common grading and assessment practices.

    Website Content

    Much of the content presented within the pages of the website represents information utilized by the standards-based grading committee as they work to develop common grading and assessment practices for Farmington Public Schools. It is important to note that not everything presented on the website will necessarily be adopted by FPS.

    Contact The Committee

    If you have questions, concerns, or ideas you would like to submit to the committee for consideration, please click HERE. We will review new submissions at the beginning of each meeting.

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