ACE (Oakland Accelerated College Experience)

  • Program Overview

    The Oakland ACE (Accelerated College Experience) program serves motivated high school students enrolled in participating Oakland County school districts. Students apply for admission into Oakland ACE in the 10th grade and, if selected, begin the three-year program in grade 11. Oakland ACE is designed to serve students who are at risk of not enrolling in post-secondary education. This includes students from families with little or no history of post-secondary education and students from low socio-economic groups.



    In order to motivate and support students taking on the rigors of both high school and college coursework, Oakland ACE students are required to attend a weekly College Success Seminar all three years of the program. Students also benefit from the monitoring and guidance of Oakland ACE staff, and professional counseling from both high school and college counselors.

    Students accepted into the Oakland ACE program agree to an additional year of high school (grade 13). During the first year (grade 11), students attend both their high school and Oakland Community College for the equivalent of a half-time schedule each. Students attend their high school for typically two hours during the second year (grade 12) and spend the third year (grade 13) completely on the OCC campus.

    Student programs of study are very individualized. However, the typical student enrolls in approximately 14 hours of college credit during grade 11, 20 credit hours during grade 12, and 28 credit hours during grade 13 (all during OCC Fall and Winter terms). This allows students the ability to earn the 62 college credits that many OCC degree programs require.

    By joining the Oakland ACE program, students and families agree that the student will not be eligible to receive their high school diploma until the end of their fifth year of high school. At least one high school graduation requirement will be taken through OCC in the fifth year.



    Students admitted to Oakland ACE are required to attend a weeklong orientation program during the summer between grades 10 and 11. This program is designed to help students acclimate to the rigors of the early college program.

    During all three years of the program, students are required to meet weekly in a seminar setting where they are engaged in a college readiness and life management skills curriculum. Topics include responsibility, attendance, preparation, follow through, communication, and stress management. Students learn to advocate for themselves. Students also meet regularly with Oakland ACE staff, who monitor progress toward both the high school diploma and associate’s degree.

    Students have access to counselors at their high school and at OCC. Supplemental services such as tutoring, which are available to all OCC students, are also available to Oakland ACE students through campus Academic Support Centers.


    Program Benefits

    Students accepted into the Oakland ACE program can earn as much as an associate’s degree, or up to 60 credits for transfer. There is no cost to the student or family for tuition, books, required materials, or fees. Transportation to OCC classes is the responsibility of the students and families.


    To learn more about the Oakland ACE Program click here.