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    The district career guidance plan provides an opportunity for each high school student to explore their interests, abilities, talents and desired level of education through the Michigan Career Pathways.  Career pathways were developed by the state of Michigan and are the structure around which careers are organized for use in K-12 classrooms.

    Career paths are clusters of occupations/careers that are grouped because of the people in them share similar interests and strengths.  All paths include a variety of occupations that require different levels of education and training.  Selecting a career pathway provides an area of focus along with flexibility and a variety of ideas to pursue.  It is emphasized that career pathways and careers within them are tentative choices which students make that can be changed at any time, and perhaps several times over the course of a student’s high school years, and indeed, over the course of a life time. 

    Career Pathways Descriptions
    Benefits of Career Pathways for students:

    1. Career pathways provide a plan for all students regardless of their interests, abilities, talents, or desired levels of education.  All paths have equal dignity.
    2. Career pathways provide all students with areas of focus, along with flexibility and a variety of ideas to pursue as they make decisions regarding course selection.
    3. Career pathways allow students to see a relevance to their selected school courses.  Thus, students are more apt to have a reason to do better in school.
    4. Career pathways help parents and other adults provide better assistance to students as they discuss careers.

    Career development tools or planning and self-management tools are used to empower students so they can be in control of their own future.  Empowerment is a process that comes through EXPLORATION - PLANNING - ACHIEVEMENT.
    Tools used at Farmington High School are:


    Career Cruising        See the Counseling Center for Usernames/Passwords
    Career Explorer        See the Counseling Center for Usernames/Passwords
    MOIS                     Official website for Michigan Occupational Information System. Available on FHS computers


    EDP – Educational Development Plan   Every FPS student begins their EDP in 8th grade and has an opportunity to update this document in school at least one time a year.  The EDP can also be accessed online through Career Cruising. EDP’s are a very important component of your student’s career educational process.  Students are asked to answer a series of questions ranging from their course selections in each grade to their interests, skills, and goals.  The EDP makes career suggestions for students including links on Career Cruising to colleges’ websites.  Parents need to review the EDP, sign it, and have their student return the EDP after it has been updated.  Take the time to explore opportunities with your student.  Seniors must return their EDP’s as a graduation requirement and for access to Connect Edu, a college tracking program now being used by the Counseling Center.  For further information, contact Mrs. Legacki.  

    FRESHMAN CONTACT MEETING – Freshman meet in small groups with their individual counselor in the fall of 9th grade.

    SOPHOMORE MEETING – Sophomores will meet with their counselor to review their ACT PLAN results. 

    JUNIOR MEETING – Juniors meet individually with their counselor to review classes for the following year, college/post-secondary plans, resources for college searches, scholarships, financial aid, and review of the student EDP.

    SAT -  The SAT is a segment of the MME (Michigan Merit Exam) given to all 11th grade students in the spring of their junior year. The SAT reflects what Michigan students are already learning in their classrooms and measures the skills and knowledge that colleges are looking for today.

    WorkKeys  (Reading for Information and Applied Mathematics) WorkKeys is a segment of the MME (Michigan Merit Exam) given to all 11th grade students in the spring of their junior year.  WorkKeys is a job skills assessment system measuring “real world” skills that employers believe are critical to job success.  These skills are valuable for any occupation-skilled or professional-and at any level of education.