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    Join us for SCHOLARSHIP DAY on Friday, January 11th from 10-11 a.m.
    A representative from Everfi will be here to help students in grades 9-12 learn about: 
      • Financial literacy
      • Finding scholarships that are a good fit 
      • The scholarship application process
      • Other tips for making yourself a competitive applicant for scholarships
    Sign up and get a pass to attend in the Counseling Office.
    All students in grades 9-12 are welcome to attend!


    Attention Seniors

    The college application process has begun and here are few important tips and reminders to help you along the way:

    1. Update your EDP and return it, with signatures, to the Counseling Office. Your transcripts will NOT be sent until this is completed.
    2. Complete your college applications (online or hard copy).
    3. Give your counselor the Counselor Certification page to fill out (if required).
    4. Send ACT and/or SAT scores to each school that you apply. FHS is not responsible for sending your scores to colleges.
    5. Request your transcript through Parchment Exchange. Colleges will not process your application until they have your official transcript.

    Please take a look at the Google Slide Presentation for additional information. 

    For information about financial aid and scholarships, click here.

    Letter of Recommendation / Transcript / Midyear Reports Procedures

    It is important to know that universities look at the type of curriculum you took, your grades, and your test scores as the primary factors in determining admissibility. Check the college website to see if a letter of recommendation is required.

    Letters of recommendation are not the most important aspect of one’s application packet. However, when asking a teacher or staff member to write one, you need to consider several things prior to your request.

    When selecting someone to write a letter, choose someone who knows you well and can speak to the things that make you unique.

    1. Be sure to give your evaluator your social security number and/or date of birth so that they can write it on the recommendation letter as a way of the university identifying you when they receive the letter.
    2. Make sure that you give your evaluator a stamped, addressed envelope to the admissions department of whichever universities you’re applying to when you ask them to write the recommendation letter. Ask them to write on FHS letterhead stationary and to place their signature across the back of the sealed envelope.
    3. Make sure that you give the evaluator at least two to three weeks notice before you want them to write the letter.
    4. Give the evaluator some information about you that helps the university to which you are applying, an idea about the kind of person you are, not just a rehashing of all the things you have done. What is important to you? What experience has had a strong influence on you, particularly, in choosing either the university or a major? You could give a copy of your EDP to your evaluator.
    5. Universities want evaluators’ letters sent directly to them. DO NOT have the evaluator hand the letter to you to give to your counselor. That invalidates the official status of the letter.
    6. Make sure to thank the evaluator and show your appreciation for taking the time to write the letter of recommendation.

    If you college is asking for a midyear report, please contact your counselor with this request.  Allow at least 5 business days.  Midyear reports will not be automatically sent.

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