Respite Services

  • What Is Respite?

    Respite is short term, temporary care provided to a person with a disability so that their family can take a break from the daily routine of care-giving. The amount of respite that a family receives is based on their unique needs but may range form a few hours a week, to overnight care multiple nights in a row, or any combination in between.


    Who Provides Respite Care?

    Respite is provided by a person over the age of 18 who is trained (either by the family or by a hired agency) to work with individuals with special needs. Respite care can be provided in the home or out of the home depending on the need of the family. Respite providers may be a family member (aunt, uncle, adult sibling, grandparent, etc.), a friend of the family, a privately hired provider, a provider from a staffing agency, a respite providing group home, or an approved respite camp facility.


    How Is Respite Funded?

    In Oakland County there are two agencies that receive public funds to provide respite services to individuals with developmental disabilities, MORC (Macomb Oakland Regional Services) and CLS (Community Living Services). There are eligibility requirements which are based on the child’s age, disability, and family income. Depending on the person’s eligibility respite services will either be completely covered by public funds, there may be an ability to pay fee assessed to the family, or the family may be entirely responsible for the cost of respite care.


    What Are The Benefits Of Respite?

    Respite gives a caregiver the ability to take a break to take care of their self. As rewarding as our children are, being a full-time caregiver can be hard work. Utilizing respite services offers you the ability to relax and rejuvenate yourself so that you have the renewed energy, sense of humor, and peace of mind that it takes to provide the daily care that your child may need.


    Respite care gives your child the opportunity to have a break from you as well. We know that you are the very best caregiver to your child but utilizing respite services gives your child the opportunity to build relationships with other people, to develop a level of trust for other caregivers, and helps move them toward a higher level of independence.


    How Can I access Respite?

    Contact Oakland County Community Mental Health’s Central Access line through Common Ground Sanctuary at (800) 231-1127. Common Ground Sanctuary will determine your child’s eligibility and refer you to your Community Mental Health agency of choice (MORC or CLS).