Scholarships and Financial Aid

  • Students and their families are encouraged to apply for grants and scholarships to reduce the financial burden of continuing their formal education after high school. While grants are generally awarded for students demonstrating financial need, scholarships are often based on merit and/or financial need considerations.


    Scholarship Protocol

    If you are a senior who has received a scholarship this year, CONGRATULATIONS! The staff at FCHS is proud of you and we hope you will continue your success long after you leave us.

    We do have one request of you, as a favor to future Hawks, to help ensure that scholarships continue to be offered in the future. Each time you receive a scholarship, we would appreciate it very much if you would write a thank you note to the sponsor. This shows the sponsor that the recipients are grateful and encourages them to continue giving without feeling their efforts have gone unnoticed or unappreciated. If you are unsure of what you should write or need help with your thank you, parents and guardians can be a great resource for you and the Counseling staff would be happy to help you as well. Again, congratulations to all of those who have received scholarships and we appreciate your efforts to thank those who have made it possible.


    Scholarship/Grant Searches

    Federal Student Aid
    Federal Student Aid, an office of the U.S. Department of Education, contains a database of federal financial assistance opportunities—grants, loans and work-study programs. Services include a Financial Aid Wizard and Scholarship Search.

    This free online site lets you search for scholarships based on specific characteristics such as college, ethnicity, gender, activities, area of study and interests.  Members are matched to relevant scholarship opportunities. Additionally, members can access financial aid tips and job and internship matches.

    Career Cruising
    Students may search for scholarships or complete the Financial Aid Selector under the Schools tab and save it in their EDP. The link to access a student’s EDP: EDP

    MeritAid is a comprehensive resource for merit-based scholarships.  Students can subscribe to weekly scholarship alerts with 5-10 college scholarship announcements.

    Financial Aid Information and Resources


    Local Scholarships

    Many organizations in the Farmington area community offer scholarships for seniors. The Farmington Public Schools Local Scholarship Common Application is used to determine scholarship finalists and/or winners for the scholarships listed below. Additional local scholarships are available with separate applications and are awarded by the sponsoring organization’s scholarship committee. (Some of the additional local scholarships may also require the FPS Common Application as a supporting document.) Students should contact their high school counselor with any questions. A limited supply of printed applications is available in our Counseling Office. The FPS Common Application may be completed once for all scholarships requiring its completion. Photocopies are accepted.

    Local Scholarships – All High Schools

    Every spring, our community offers scholarships to graduating seniors. Scholarship applications are due, unless otherwise notes on the application, no later than March 27, 2015. Please follow the submission instructions indicated on each application.

    Common Application
    Students may apply for the following local scholarships by completing the Farmington Public Schools Local Scholarship Common Application.  Students must submit the common application and supporting documents directly to their school’s Counseling Office.  FPS Common Application

    • Farmington Education Association Scholarship – four up to $1000 awarded
      Based on scholarship, financial need, community service, leadership, attendance at Farmington Public Schools for at least 3 years, GPA above 3.0, strong SAT/ACT scores; connections to education (intending a career in education, parent who is an educator, etc.); attending an in-state college or university.

    • Farmington Area Senior Scholarship – three $1000 awards
      Based on attendance at a four year college, majoring in math or science, GPA of 3.5 or better, outstanding character and participation in extracurricular activities.

    • James V. Ellis Farmington Rotary Foundation Scholarship – two $1000 awards
      Based on U.S. citizenship, community service, citizenship, leadership, GPA, interview, financial need, essay

    • Susan H. Zurvalec Scholarship -1 $1000 award
      The candidate must have been actively involved in a volunteer activity in the last 12 months that has had a significant, positive impact on race relations in his/her school or community and demonstrated recent school and community involvement and leadership in diversity. This scholarships has two applications, the common application and a separate scholarship specific application.

    Separate Applications
    The following local scholarships have separate applications and should be submitted with supporting documents directly to the scholarship committee indicated on the application form.

    • Beechview Alumni PTA Scholarship – two $500 awards
      Student must have attended Beechview Elementary School for at least two years; must currently be enrolled in a Farmington Public School; and must have “accepted” status at an accredited institution of higher learning.

    • C. Robert Maxfield PTA Council Scholarship - three $500 awards

    • Gill PTA McKennett Memorial Scholarship - $500 award
      Attended Gill Elementary, interested in music, religion, art, sports and putting those interests into action through community service/volunteer work; member of a high school PTSA; and not related to a member of the Gill PTA Scholarship Committee.

    • Kenbrook Elementary PTA Scholarship - two $500 awards
      Student must have attended Kenbrook Elementary for at least one year, currently be enrolled in a Farmington Public School, must have “accepted” status at an accredited institution of higher learning.


    Letter of Recommendation/Transcript Procedures

    Our counseling staff is happy to provide students with Letters of Recommendations/Transcripts/Test Scores for any scholarship applications or summer programs. To process these requests, please allow five (5) business days.

    In order to be considered official, these materials must be sent directly from the Counseling Office to the sponsoring agencies, therefore, please plan accordingly the timeliness of these requests. Students must turn in all of their completed documents to their counselor before their information can be sent through the U.S. Mail. The completed information will not be given directly to the students and their families for mailing, so it is very important for the student to contact their counselor within the five day guideline in order to meet a postmark deadline.