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  • Please keep Phone Numbers and Addresses up-to-date

    It is imperative that the school is able to contact a parent in case of emergency. If any of your telephone numbers have changed since the beginning of the school year, we MUST have those numbers on file. This includes, home numbers, voice mail numbers, work numbers where we can speak to a receptionist or someone that can relay a message, and cell phone numbers. Please contact Laura Galloway in the counseling office to make any necessary changes 248-489-3599 or

    This is a very important safety issue for your child. In case of emergency, we need to make contact with a parent immediately, so please remember to supply your new numbers as they change.

    Please also remember to keep your address up-to-date. If your family has moved, please contact the counseling office so we can update our records (residency paperwork is required to make this change)


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