• LOC Credit Union


    Welcome to the LOC Student-Run Credit Union at Gill Elementary!

    It is Gill’s 9th year of participating in this great hands-on learning experience for students of all ages. LOC Credit Union operates the Student-Run Credit Union program in 21 schools across Livingston and Oakland Counties partnering with Farmington Public Schools, Hartland Consolidated Schools and Howell Public Schools.

    The Student-Run Credit Union is a LOC branch that operates every Thursday right outside of the library. 5th grade students are the employees who hold the positions of branch managers, tellers, member service guides and marketing representatives. They learn vital life skills and values such as teamwork, respect, integrity and responsibility, while enhancing math skills and confidence.

    Any student who attends Gill can participate in the program as an actual member of the credit union with a real savings account. Students will conduct transactions at their school and gain the independence of managing their finances and practicing the act of saving. Whether they save a penny or ten dollars, they are responsible for the actions and reap the rewards of participating.

    Students, staff and families who already have savings accounts are able to participate as soon as the school branch opens. Don’t have an account with LOC? No problem, you can open one and start participating immediately!


    Account Application


    Gill Student-Run Credit Union is open Thursdays from 2:00pm-2:30pm and operates under the supervision of Jenn Kuzara,Youth & Community Development Coordinator at LOC.

    For additional information or with further questions, contact: 

    Jenn Kuzara, Youth & Community Development Coordinator at LOC