School Safety and Security

  • Welcome to Farmington Public Schools,

    Maintaining a safe and welcoming school environment is important for students, staff, and community.  Farmington Public Schools (FPS) implements protocols and practices that strive to maintain a secure school environment.  While we do not release all of our safety protocols for public viewing, several of the most important ones are presented to help our community understand how truly safe FPS is for our students and staff.  

    School Entry Procedures

    In order to help accomplish this, visitors to our schools can expect the following school entry procedures during the school day:

    • Exterior doors will be locked during the school day and visitors must access a single entry which is typically at the main office.
    • At the main office, visitors will have to be “buzzed” into school.  Visitors should be prepared to provide identification and a specific reason for their visit.
    • Visitors who request access to the school, beyond the office, will need to sign in and wear a school-provided identification badge.
    • In the unlikely event that a visitor presents themselves as disorderly or potentially dangerous, staff are required to enact safety protocols and immediately contact law enforcement.

    School Liaison Officers

    Through a partnership with our local law enforcement agencies, three police officers are assigned to be within FPS on a daily basis.  While stationed at our three comprehensive high schools (Farmington High School, Harrison High School, and North Farmington High School), each school has an assigned officer.  These officers support school safety and when necessary, directly address student/community issues.  Our liaison officers work hard to integrate themselves into the communities of their schools so that their presence feels helpful and supportive to both students and staff.

    Video Surveillance of Schools

    In all of our schools, main entrances utilize a camera system for the identification and monitoring of visitors.  In our secondary schools (6th-12th grades), video surveillance systems are in use throughout the public spaces within schools (hallways, cafeterias, parking lots, etc.).  The purpose of these systems is three-fold:  active monitoring of school facilities, historical analysis of facility use, and discouraging inappropriate behavior while on school grounds.  All visitors to our schools should recognize that they are under surveillance when on school grounds.