Apply to the IB Program

  • Prior to applying to the Diploma Programme at Farmington High School, families are encouraged to attend one IB Diploma Programme Informational Session in the FHS Media Center. Contact for more information.

    • 1/12/22, 6-7 pm - Current 8th grade students
    • 2/8/22, 6-7 pm - Current 8th grade students
    • 2/8/22, 7-8 pm - Current FHS 9th and 10th grade students
    • 3/1/22, 6-7 pm - Current 8th grade students


    Important information to consider before you apply: 

    • Intradistrict transfer students do not need to submit an additional application for school of choice as it will be granted with acceptance to the IB programme. Transportation is not provided for school of choice students at this time. All students must be able to get to and from Farmington High School without the aid of the district.
    • Section 105 Oakland County Resident School of Choice students need to complete the proper application and be approved to attend FHS prior to completing the IB Diploma Programme application below. 
    • Current FHS 9th or 10th grade students should contact Mr. Miesner and/or their counselor prior to applying to the IB Diploma Programme to ensure they have the prerequisites to enter the full program. 


    When is the deadline to complete the IB Diploma Programme application for the 2022-23 school year? Applications can be submitted at any time but to best prepare your schedule for the following year please use the timeline below: 

    • Current FHS 9th (Class of 2025) and 10th (Class of 2024) grade students should apply by 2/18/22
    • Current 8th grade students (Class of 2026) should apply by 3/11/22.


    To apply for the IB Diploma Programme, fill out the Google Form below. Make sure you complete the application in one sitting to make sure no responses are lost. You also have the option of completing a printable version of the application and returning it to Kevin Miesner, Farmington High School, 32000 Shiawassee, Farmington, MI 48336. (Contact or 248-426-2665 if you are having issues with applying.)


    Most of the application is demographic data but there are two short answer questions that the student is required to answer. In order to be prepared,  those questions are provided below: 

    • Please provide the reason(s) why you would like to be a part of the IB Diploma Programme and how it is an important part of your educational plans and supports your future goals. I am interested in participating in the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme because…
    • Thinking ahead, one of the biggest challenges of the junior and senior years of the IB Diploma Programme is time management. What do you plan to do to make sure you can be successful with your time management?