Welcome to Kenbrook Elementary School

Principal, Pam Green
Secretary, Anne Sebesta
Clerk, Lorig Noroyan

School Hours:
Start 8:30 A.M.
Dismissal 3:47 P.M.
1/2 Day Dismissal 11:40 A.M.

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Summer Learning Opportunities


Traffic Pattern for Pick Up/Drop Off

Koalas Can!

Relections Contest

Kenbrook Reflections Contest

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"Kenbrook Koalas Can Solve Problems"

2015-16 Registration Information

The following documents are required for registration. Copies will be made of the original:

  • Driver's License with current Kenbrook boundary address (School Boundary Street Guide)
  • Mortgage or Lease
  • Two Utility Bills (Water bills will not be accepted.)
  • Certified Birth Certificate (Passport, also, if child was not born in the USA)

These Registration Forms are the forms which must be completed for registration in Farmington Public Schools. The forms may also be picked up in the front office


Mission Statement

The Kenbrook community will provide a safe environment in which all members become reflective problem solvers and lifelong learners while developing pride in themselves, and respect for each other, now and in the future.