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Kenneth Sanders, Principal
David Beazley, Assistant Principal
Linda Fox, Assistant Principal

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Leo’s Coney Island Fundraiser - April 21

FPS M-Step Prep

The M-Step test is coming in April and May. This is an online test. Students and parents can get a better idea of what the test is like by opening the website below. Students will be practicing for the assessment in class as well.

  • FPS M-Step Prep

  • Class/test schedule for April 13 – May 15

    Support Person Of the Year Melissa Bartram
    Congratulations! Distinguished Support Service Award Winner, East's own Melissa Bartram!

    Teacher Of the Year Whitney Tyner
    Congratulations! FPS Middle School Teacher of the Year, East's own Whitney Tyner!

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    • Be Responsible
    • Be Kind
    • Be Respectful
    • Be Your Best

    Mission Statement:

    We, the East Middle School community, will provide a safe and nurturing environment with quality learning experiences empowering all students to be enriched socially and culturally.