Community Partnership Advisory Council

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The purpose of Partners in Education is to bring schools, community and business together to share resources in mutually beneficial activities that improve the educational process and promote lifelong learning.


The goals are:

  • to expand and enrich classroom activities for students
  • to create a climate of involvement and interaction between the community and the schools
  • to provide career and academic role models for students
  • to increase understanding and communication between school district and community
  • to provide links that help students understand relationships between school and work

Benefits for Education

  • increased cooperation among schools, community and business
  • enriched curriculum
  • indentification with successful role models
  • increased career awareness
  • increased student motivation to attend school and to graduate
  • greater understanding and appreciation of the contribution of the business community and the community at large

Benefits for Community/Business

  • increased cooperation among community, business and schools
  • improved image within the community - visibility and recognition
  • stronger public school system
  • increased civic awareness and cooperation
  • more efficient use of community resources
  • rewarding and satisfying experiences
  • better prepared work force
  • greater understanding and appreciation of the contribution of the school system


Partnerships may involve:

  • individual schools, classrooms, teachers and students
  • private businesses of all sizes
  • health, legal professions
  • local government
  • service organizations
  • community organizations
  • hospitals
  • individual community members


We invite you to become involved:
Call School/Community Relations at (248) 489-3349

Include your name as a resource in the Partners in Education resource book distributed to all teachers get information about working with individual schools.

Possible Activities

  • Be a classroom speaker or presenter
  • Host tours of workplace for teachers/students
  • Allow career "shadowing" for teachers/students
  • Participate in Career Day presentations
  • Talk individually with students interested in your field
  • Display student art projects
  • Offer internships
  • Provide tutors for schools
  • Sponsor a school club (photography, science)
  • Provide meeting place or facility use for school
  • Donate surplus material or equipment
  • Work with school on community projects

We invite you to join us in working together to develop mutually beneficial partnership programs.

We welcome your ideas for creative, innovative and flexible partnerships.