Strategic Plan

Mission Statement

Farmington Public Schools, together with our community, will engage every student in a quality learning experience, empowering each student to become a thoughtful, contributing citizen in a changing world.

Vision Statement

The vision of Farmington Public Schools is high achievement by all students, where learning is our most important work. We are a district in which:

  • Students, teachers, parents, community members, support staff, and administrators work collaboratively to create a positive learning environment to ensure all students are successful, competent and productive.
  • Teachers hold high expectations for all students.
  • We rely on our diversity of thought, perspective and people to build on our strengths.
  • All students and staff feel empowered and supported.
  • Teachers use best practice in every classroom to engage each child.
  • Each school provides a safe, caring and nurturing environment for students, staff and parents that enables every child to experience the joy of learning.
  • Decisions are based on data and quality information.

Goal #1:

Curriculum, Instruction and Student Achievement
Farmington Public Schools will continuously grow as a community of learners integrated with the world where:

  • Each member will feel physically, emotionally, and academically safe, secure and accepted.
  • All learners will experience and achieve a challenging, relevant, high-level learning environment which will prepare them to be lifelong learners, successful in a global society.
  • All learners will develop into critical and creative thinkers to be adaptable citizens of the future able to embrace change through processing, accessing, designing and managing information.

Goal 1 Year End Report 2010-2011

Goal 1 Year End Report 2009-2010

Goal 1 Year End Report 2008-2009

Goal #2:

Community Relations

Farmington Public Schools will inspire every community member to invest in our children’s future and build participation and ownership in our school district by:

  • Promoting honest, trustworthy relationships through open communication.
  • Seeking out and respecting each other’s diverse ideas, perspectives and abilities.
  • Increasing collaborations with business, government and cultural organizations to make the most of our vast community resources.

Goal 2 Year End Report 2010-2011

Goal 2 Year End Report 2009-2010

Goal 2 Year End Report 2008-2009

Goal #3:


Farmington Public Schools will develop and implement a proactive financial management model that enables it to make decisions based upon requirements and priorities including:

  • Prioritizing needs and acknowledging requirements.
  • Investigating renewable energy resources.
  • Consolidating services and facilities.
  • Providing access to health and wellness.
  • Building public support/involvement.

Goal 3 Year End Report 2010-2011

Goal 3 Year End Report 2009-2010

Goal 3 Year End Report 2008-2009

Goal #4:

Human Resources/Operations/Technology

To support and enhance educational excellence to develop all students to thrive as global citizens, Farmington Public Schools will:

  • Attract, develop and retain staff with multiple perspectives who inspire and foster a world class learning community.
  • Build upon and sustain a culturally competent district.
  • Create and maintain exemplary physical and virtual facilities.
  • Utilize cutting edge technology that supports learning and facilitates operations.

Goal 4 Year End Report 2010-2011

Goal 4 Year End Report 2009-2010

Goal 4 Year End Report 2008-2009