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Facilities Forward Committee

Facilities Forward Steering Committee (FFSC)

The District knows that learning spaces and tools continually evolve, and it works hard to support staff in having what they need to achieve great results with their students. Because of this, and changes the District has made in recent years in response to difficult economic times, the District feels it is time to ask itself what learning spaces and tools students need in order to prepare them properly for the next steps in their education and lives.

To do this, a group will serve as the Steering Committee for this project called "Facilities Forward: A Dynamic Plan for Facilities." As its outcome, this group will prepare a set of recommendations for the Board of Education as to how the District can address the need for facilities which are focused on forward-looking, educational best practices. The target date for providing these recommendations is January 2013.

Committee Members

2012-13 Timeline (Meeting Dates)


January 29 Board Meeting


January 17th Facilities Forward Community Presentation


January 7th Steering Committee Meeting


December 13th Steering Committee Meeting


November 19th Steering Committee Meeting


October 17th Steering Committee Meeting


September 24th Steering Committee Meeting


August 27th Steering Committee Meeting