Curriculum: 2009-2010 Curriculum Maps


We are proud to share with you what is being taught within our classrooms and our schools.  The academic opportunities for every child include alignment with the state benchmarks and standards while fostering motivation and engagement.  Learning is truly our most important work!

Our ELA (English and language arts), science, math, social studies and world language coordinators worked with K-12 faculty members to identify critical state benchmarks and grade level content expectations.  Hours and hours were spent determining when each of these would be taught.  The result was a curriculum map, or blueprint, for each course at each grade level. Teachers and parents will be able to refer to these throughout the year and use them as a guide.  The curriculum maps provide not only horizontal (grade level) articulation but vertical (K-12) articulation to ensure all students master each state benchmark and standard.

These documents are attached by grade level and by subject.  Our hope is that by sharing them with you, you will have a detailed view of the concepts we teach and when they will be presented within the year.  The curriculum maps are “living documents” and will continue to be updated as the state requirements are revised. 

Thank you again for reviewing all the exciting content that will take place in our classrooms! 

Aaron Johnson
Assistant Superintendent, Instructional Service